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Cutting~ The staff at Yellow Strawberry are frequently trained in the latest innovative cutting techniques including splicing, texturising, channelling and chipping, all of which, reflect the latest fashion trends

Ladies~ Short                    



Shampoo/cut/b-dry                                          $64 $74 $84
Shampoo/creative cut                     $54                    
Creative restyle                     $90                    
Fringe trim                     $10                    
Dry off                     $10                    
Clipper cut                     $22                    
Style cut                     $27                    
Sculptured cut                     $39.5              
Shampoo/creative cut                     $42                    
Creative restyle                     $52.5                    
Child/Student~                     pre school                     primary high institute
Female cut                     $18                     $28.5  $38.5 $45
Shampoo/cut/b-dry                                          $53.5  $59.5 
Male cut                     $16.5                     $22  $27.5  $27.5 


Our belief is that hair cutting is the major foundation in hairdressing. We cut the hair and sculpt it into shape like a fashion designer would with fabric. For finishing touches we compliment the hair with cutting techniques such as chipping, blade twisting and blade sliding. We love using geometrical and concaved lines to give a funky, chunky and textured look.

Hair Cutting is the inspiration to our success


Prices subject to change